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Royal choice on the way to the Elixir of life

What to do if you suffer from high sensitivity to water? Elixir of life in our pool does not irritate the skin and eyes, and has no unpleasant odor. The path to it is through the creation of a unique system of water treatment. The key to solving the problem of water quality (that meets the highest requirements) are salt and charcoal.


Ospa Filter Clean Super

Disinfection of OSPA provides water saturated with oxygen. This is especially felt on the skin of bathers. Production disinfectant solution based on sodium salt is carried out under mild conditions and in an appropriate volume of consumption.

Pool of your dreams

Fabulous pool for a great stay! Equipped installing or countercurrent cascade, with individual lighting and hydro - pools of "Premium Aqua" able to realize all your desires.

Power Swim

Sport swimming in pools equipped with backflow installation, opens new horizons. The obvious  advantage is the fact that the installation proizvodsitelnost Ospa-PowerSwim up to 250 m3/h, that is five times greater than usual.

Blue Control System

With the system reliably monitored the process of preparing water-class, as well as the necessary parameters, temperature, indoor climate, work and amusement lighting.
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By application

Service of sales of equipment for swimming pools - one of key directions of our company, earned a reputation as the undoubted leader of the Ukrainian market. The range of our products includes not only the filtration system and lighting, but also all sorts of attractions, fitness equipment, fountains and slides. Recreate in your pool charming festive atmosphere togetherwith the "AQUA PREMIUM Technique"!

Extraordinary popularity in modern society acquires the notion Wellness (from the English. «Be well» - «to be happy"). Indeed, Wellness areas leave no one indifferent, because this complex, hereby paradise, which gives physical and mental relaxation. "PREMIUM AQUA technique" - is one of those leading companies that brought the technology of designing and building of qualitatively new for our country recreation areas.

Construction of swimming pools, spas, saunas, baths - is not only the technical side of the process, but also the aesthetic, because it features the appearance of constructions allow reincarnate recreation area into a real artwork!
Among the modern methods of finishing, special item is highlighted mosaic for swimming pool, which has become nowadays one of the most preferred types of decoration.

Perhaps each of us do not mind to get off a private beach. And if in the end you decide to implement this vision into reality, it is now - the best time for the construction of swimming pools! No doubt that among the vast range of pools of all kinds and forms provided on the website of "PREMIUM AQUA Technique", anyone will find a worthy offer. After all, our company occupies a leading position in the market of Ukraine to provide these services.

Unexceptionally every private house can be rebuilt into a true resort! This possibility can be brought to you by placing various water facilities from modern spa-complexes to more conventional Turkish and Russian sauna on your land. Imagine the privilege of owning your own swimming pool while our specialists can place it wherever you want, whether out- or indoors or even on the rooftop! Get your wants and needs met! 

Our company’s general profile is the construction of private and profit spa-centers. These constructions are divided into a whole variety of components, including saunas, beauty parlors, massage rooms, bathtubs and swimming pools. The individual and professional approach to its design, defined by our client’s preferences and wishes gives any spa-center an enormous advantage to take into consideration. Spa-procedures are the right choice for those who care about health and outlook. 

Your favorite place to rest will undoubtedly change very soon thanks to the fantastic relaxing complexes. All sorts of swimming pools, Jacuzzis and saunas will make your body comfortable and your soul peaceful. You’ll be able to choose a balanced combination of facilities and services according to your preferences and needs. Let your body and soul relax

Your apartment, like any private house could also become a resort, where you could spare your time with pleasure and profit to health. You’ll be able to visit a private sauna, enjoy the hot tub or rest at the ultra-modern Wellness zone not even leaving home. Feel the joy of life with “Premium Aqua Technic”!

The company "PREMIUM AQUA technician" was reorganized in 2007 from the "Company Optis" (base 2002).

Our company offers high-quality innovative products the world's best manufacturers of equipment VIP-OSPA (Germany) for pools and energy efficient ventilation equipment MENERGA (Germany) to create a comfortable microclimate in various premises.

Ltd "PREMIUM AQUA techniques" from 2007 is the official exclusive partner of OSPA Apparatebau Pauser GmbH & Co.KG (Germany), and since 2008 the official partner of Menerga GMBH and esm GMBH (Germany) on the territory of Ukraine.

Employees of the company' Premium Aqua Tech "annually pass specialized training in Germany.

High level of service - it is one of the main components that contribute to the long lifetime of the equipment, performance warranty and confidence in the future.

  • Our company has 10 years of experience in the construction of swimming pools. Our first objects and successfully operated at the moment. During this period we have gained a lot of experience with complex objects. Workforce consists of 36 persons. The company has design, assembly, finishing, technological and service departments.
  • The company has a total building license number AV357502, performs design and general contracting work. We perform general contracting work on large projects, public and private spa complex.
  • Our staff (engineers, technologists, tommy, installers and customer service) receive regular training in Germany in companies and OSPA MENERGA.
  • We offer only innovative products of European quality, appropriate German normam.DIN 19643 (these norms corresponds to only about 5% of all completed projects in Ukraine. We do not offer a technique that illiquid in Europe (oriented to third world countries) or equipment that is not well has proved in operation.

Представитель компании Nibulon. г.Николаев(проектные решения, поставка оборудования, монтажные-пусконаладочные работы)

    • Ceracasa

       Ceracasa is a pioneer in the production and sale of wall and floor tiles of premium.

    • Rosa gres
      Rosa gres

      At present the company produces a wide range of tiles. Rosa Gres specializes in tile for pools: as a small home, and large sport.

    • LUX element
      LUX element

      Company Lux Elements produces building panels of foamed thermoplastic polymer of linear structure (PS) coated with cement-based having a water resistant properties.

    • Sicis

      Sicis Company for more than thirty years to create a unique collection of mosaics made of brass, quartzite, glass, stainless steel, marble, stone, gold, and platinum

    • Jacuzzi

      Jacuzzi - a name known throughout the world. Whirlpool created by the founder of the Italian Candido Jacuzzi, turned people's perceptions of comfort and pleasure.

    • OSPA

      OSPA - one of the most experienced companies in Europe, which has a history of over 80 years. At this moment it is implemented order 50,000 pools worldwide.

    • Kung Sauna Swiss
      Kung Sauna Swiss

      In the planning and implementation of saunas Kung Sauna Swiss focuses on personal wishes of the customer. The company picks up the sauna for each client individually, as clothes or home furnishings.

    • Klafs

      KLAFS - health care in the long 70 years. If the primitive forms of the sauna was known several thousand years ago, the history of the company Klafs began in 1928

    • Menerga

      MENERGA - the leader in ergonomic ventilation equipment, especially in the direction of maintaining a favorable microclimate in the premises of the pools.

    • Hugo Lahme
      Hugo Lahme

      German company Hugo Lahme be called a market leader in equipment for swimming pools.


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